Learning Objectives

(See document below with reflections on learning objectives)

I.                    Objective: To observe and better understand the daily activities within a trial courtroom of a Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas.


1.       Observe the court activities of Judge Guido’s courtroom as well as the activities of several other judges who focus on different aspects of the justice system like Treatment Court and Juvenile Delinquents.

2.       Discuss court activities with the judge as well as his law clerk

3.       Participate in the office work of Judge Guido’s office

4.       Keep a log or journal of my observations


1.       Selected excerpts from my journal of observations.

2.       Summary of various court activities such as sentencing and civil trial procedures


II.                  Objective: To gain familiarity with different legal careers which interact with the court system.


1.       Observe/Interview the judge’s law clerk, my supervisor Carl Connellan.

2.       Observe/Interview the judge about his occupation and how it differs from other legal careers he’s held over the course of his career.

3.       Observe and arrange interviews with other lawyers who frequent the judge’s courtroom, for example a DA and a public defender.


1.       Summaries of my interactions with various legal professionals

2.       Reflection on how these interactions have influenced my view of potential careers in law

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